BSNL broadband consumers to enjoy double speed from Oct

KOLKATA: Come October, BSNL broadband consumers in Kolkata will be able to enjoy hi-speed internet connectivity up to the speed of 16 Mbps. This is
nearly double the current speed offered by BSNL. BSNL Kolkata is in the process of upgrading its broadband backbone from the present ADSL system to VDSL which will allow maximum speed up to 26 Mbps in its internet highway. German firm Siemens is undertaking the entire hardware upgradation for the transition from ADSL to VDSL. BSNL will come up with a new tariff plan for consumers who will opt for the 16 Mbps internet connectivity package. The move is likely to help BSNL consolidate its presence in the broadband segment where it currently has 2.2 lakh subscribers in the city. “We expect to have the VDSL network across Kolkata before the festive season. This will help us to offer hi-speed internet connectivity as the broadband highway can handle speed up to 26 Mbps. The service will be offered to both consumers as well as enterprises,” said BSNL chief general manager (Calcutta circle ) SK Chakravarty. While the present ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology at BSNL enables internet connectivity speed up to 16 Mbps, BSNL currently offers a tariff plan for up to 8 mbps. VDSL or VHDSL (Very High Bitrate DSL), on the other hand, is the next-generation technology which is capable of supporting high bandwidth applications like HDTV. “We have already rolled out the PC across 16 circles of BSNL and we expect to complete the nationwide roll out by September . We are also undertaking trials with MTNL and expect to start commercial roll out in Mumbai and Delhi by November. Currently , we have a subscriber base of 4,000 machines across India,” Novatium Solutions CEO Alok Singh said.

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